Smart Favela is a technological prototype that we have proposed and which was selected as part of a call for projects launched by the Region Île de France and the city of Rio.
This application has for vocation to restore democracy in the decision-making in the urban projects of today.

Our solution

Smart Favela is a prototype of collaborative urban planning aimed at developing sustainable urban development solutions in a Rio favela. We have modeled in interactive 3D the whole of the favela, integrated in its environment.

The features

The opportunity to see in a pedagogical way each project in 3D, accompanied by information on the context, the functioning, the cost and the expected benefits via the realization of videos and interactive cartographic analyzes.

Try Smart Favela
Ipad Smart Favelas


Futur en Seine

Smart Favela was presented in June 2015 at the Digital Futur Festival in Seine, where we received the Smart Community Award


Smart Favela received the first prize from Lab Laboo, alongside Paul Duan, as part of the Convergences exhibition organized in September 2015 at the Paris City Hall

ENGIE Innovation

Engie awarded Toolz and Smart Favela with the Engie Innovation Award, which recognizes young innovative companies


Smart Favela also received the Autodesk Award for "Technical Achievement" in the Contest

Demo Smart Favela application
Demo Smart Favela application