Toolz is a creative and interactive studio created in 2010. Our historical activity is the provision of services in interactive content & multimedia development.
We create cross-platform applications (web / mobile / tablet / desktop / touch table) for all operating systems and browsers.

Our applications are characterized by rich interfaces, ergonomics and graphic design, mixing different types of content: illustration, 2D / 3D, videos ...

We have developed a state-of-the-art know-how in various fields:
- Interactive design
- Graphic creation
- Computer development
- 3D modeling (real & pre-calculated time)
- Audiovisual production

Our offer has historically been aimed at clients such as major international groups, audiovisual production companies and broadcasters, with the particularity of addressing both professional markets and the general public. An original positioning whose benefits we discover every day.

Urban Toolz

For more than two years, Toolz has developed a service offering dedicated to the fields of urban planning and architecture and the future as a major player in this sector. In addition to our traditional trades, we have integrated the skills of architects, town planners and engineers of urban services in order to modify our know-how in interactive development for these businesses. Toolz is now composed of a team of ten people in-house and a network of collaborators and partners to ensure a quality of service never denied to our customers. Among its members are designer, 2D & 3D designer, architect and urbanist, director, editor and motion designer, project manager. You will find the most significant references in the following pages.

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